Wildcats’ Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

by REBECCA BISHOP, November 2017

There are many wonderful Thanksgiving foods.  There’s turkey, ham, mac and cheese and many more. But I am on a journey to find the best one! While walking around the hallways and going into a couple of classrooms I asked students and teachers what their favorite thanksgiving foods were.

I started off Mr. Moore, he said “I have lots of Thanksgiving foods because Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.” Mr. Moore’s favorite is turkey and gravy and for desert is hot apple pie a la mode with vanilla bean ice cream.

Then I went over to Mr. Benjamin’s room and asked him. “Anything about the turkey dinner is my favorite.  If i had to pick something the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.”

Sophomore, Kylie Harmeyer says “Turkey is the bomb.com with that salt on it. You already know! Don’t forget that mac and cheese though.”

“Stuffing is lit for real, but so is that honey ham.” Says freshman, Kylee Everman.

Sadie Curry says “My mom’s homemade mac and cheese and her ham is the best!”

It seems I have finally found the best Thanksgiving food. As it looks the best Thanksgiving food is turkey! So keep that in mind when you’re going to get your plate on Thursday.