Where do Deer Park Students Hang Out?

by OLIVIA NOLAND, September 2017

It’s no secret that finding a fun location to spend time with friends can be extremely challenging. Many places are too expensive, difficult to get to, or simply aren’t friendly towards a high school crowd. With this in mind, the editors of The Deer Parker asked students how they liked to spend their time after school games or during the weekend.

Deer Park junior, Hunter Hoffman, enthusiastically told us “I try to at least get out of the house…go skateboarding, a party. You know, just something because the school week is so long.”

Sophomore Jake Anderson claims “I prefer to be out doing something in nature, or at home nose deep in a book, or Netflix.”

According to freshman Kenzie Schneeman, going out to eat is a fun way to hang with friends. Kenzie told us “Bdubs after games. They got good food and they always got T.V’s.”

While there seems to be a variety of different places Deer Park students go to have fun, sophomore Ian Goodpaster revealed that he didn’t need to leave his own home to have a good time. When Ian was asked about what he enjoys doing in his free time, he stated “Hanging with my pug.” We later pulled Ian aside and asked him to elaborate on how he spends time with his furry friend. Ian said “Well sometimes when he has to go out I let him outside, and I feed him and I give him some water. His name is Simon.”