Student Voices: Looking Forward to Homecoming

by CARA FINNEY, September 2017

With Homecoming right around the corner, the festivities have already begun for the big dance on October 7th. Deer Park students have already began preparing, shopping, and getting excited for a “Neon Night” to remember.


Students from grades 9 to 10 were interviewed about their own personal reasons for excitement when it comes to the upcoming dance. The answers varied greatly from person to person.


Because Deer Park is so small, our community has grown into a great, big family. This is why it was no surprise to hear from the majority of students interviewed that making fond memories with their friends was top on their list of excitement. “I am actually quite interested in making memories that hopefully last beyond our years in high school,” explains sophomore, Jake Anderson.


The next most mentioned form of excitement was the music and dancing that will inevitably occur at the annual fall event. Kenzie Schneeman, a freshman who anxiously awaits her first Homecoming dance, replies “Probably the music, I heard it’s good,” when asked what she most looked forward to.


There were a few less broad answers. Chase Hall and Devin Trusty, for example, are most excited to dance with their dates during their second Homecoming. Others are excited for the pre-dance eating, and, if you’re anything like Soso Ngoun, the pictures beforehand with her friends. A few aren’t even attending the event. “I don’t even know if I’m going,” simply states freshman Ean Wallet, “There’s nothing to do!”


Lindsey Damron, one of the four Damrons in the 10th grade, spoke about other festivities besides the dance; “I’m excited for powder puff, and the homecoming game where we will hopefully dominate Finneytown!” These highly anticipated events will be here before you know it, so start making your plans now!