Siblings at Deer Park

By CARA FINNEY and OLIVIA NOLAND, November, 2017

For such a small town like Deer Park, it’s no wonder there is an abundance of sibling pairs. Between various grades, we interviewed a total of three pairs of brothers: Devin and Jacob Trusty, Alex and Colin Colyer, and Alex and Aaron Conover.

Sophomore twins Devin and Jacob Trusty have shared many emotional moments together throughout their years of always being in the same grade, at the same school.  On their most memorable memory together, Devin gives the succinct reply “When I was in the back of the ambulance.” The Trustys play on the same soccer team, and towards the end of their season, Devin was fouled by Western Hills, and left injured on the ground. Jacob agreed, and seemed to be deeply affected by the event. “I scored two goals for him when he went to the hospital,” Jacob speaks proudly. “I cried! He was on the field, and I was in tears! It’s not the same playing without him,” he continues affectionately.

The boys, who claimed that their favorite part of being at the same school was the fact that they can always have each other’s back, are apparently constantly mistaken for each other. “People call me Devin all of the time, and it really bothers me. Nobody calls him Jacob, and everybody calls me Devin.” states Jacob. “It’s because I’m better,” Devin jokingly replies. They would also like to share advantages to being twins. “You always have someone to do stuff with,” begins Jacob, and Devins continues. “Yeah, I can tell him everything too.”

Senior Alex Conover and his brother, freshman Aaron Conover, though rather close, have very different opinions about each other. As the older brother, it is not surprising that he would be annoyed by younger sibling. When asked about his least favorite thing about being in the same school with Aaron, he gave a very humorous, older-brother-like response, “He’s an idiot. He drives me crazy. He always asks me to take him to his friends’ houses.”

Aaron gave  a similar response, saying “He’s annoying sometimes. I’m annoying too, but he just tries to embarrass me sometimes.”

Alex does enjoy some aspects of being in the same school as his younger brother, however. “I like driving him home. He doesn’t like rap music, so I play it and he puts his earbuds in.”

Younger brother Aaron simply replies, “Getting to see him everyday, that’s pretty cool.”

The brothers have experienced some exciting activities together. When asked what his favorite memory they’ve had together, Alex says “Probably when we went wakeboarding together. It was fun.”

His younger brother states, “Playing football with him was a cool experience.”

When asked who was their parents’ favorite, Alex gives the obvious answer. “Me,” he states simply. “I even changed my name in my dad’s phone to “Alex the Fav.”

Aaron agrees, saying “Alex, because he’s the middle brother.” He quickly adds, “He’s also labelled in my dad’s phone as “Alex the fav.”

Despite the differences, the boys do seem to get along. When asked how well, Alex says “Pretty good. Sometimes I get mad at him. I never really see him, he’s always in his room, watching video games on Youtube. We used to fight, just brother stuff. Not really anymore.”

Aaron agreed, saying “Pretty well.” When asked about if they ever fight or argue, he says “I mean we used to. Not so much anymore.”

Alex also wanted to offer a funny memory he can recall about the two. Alex says, “We went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday. They took out the saddle, and they had him ride it. It was so funny.”

At the end of his interview with us, Aaron mentioned that he prefers Alex’s old jeep to his new Honda. “I mean, it’s nicer than the jeep, but it’s a rough ride,” he says about his brother’s new car. He claims that his brother drives him to school, and when asked if he wishes he could still be driven in the jeep, Aaron simply replies “Yes.”

Senior Alex Colyer, and junior Colin Colyer seem to have a uniquely close brotherly bond. The two shared some similar responses indicating the brotherly love they share for one another.

Many teens would be appalled at the idea of passing their sibling in the hall, but Alex and Colin seem to enjoy one another’s company. “It’s just kind of cool because we’re actually pretty close, so we talk to each other in the hallway… and if something happens I’m here and he’s here for me,” Alex replies.

Colin gave a similar response, saying “Me and him, we’ve always been close, so I mean if there’s really no one to go to I can just go to him.”

It appears the two have been close since a young age, according to younger brother Colin who claims his favorite memory is when the two participated in an elementary school play. “Me and him [Alex], we were in it one year and we were dressed together. He was rockin’ two casts because he had surgery on his feet and I was a weatherman.”

Older brother Alex also had a few things to say about past experiences with his brother. “We used to play baseball together and one year me and him played on the same team and we went pretty far in baseball, and he ended up pitching and saving the game so that was a pretty good moment. We were there together and we worked together.”

Although the two are both determined students and great athletes, they claim that their parents have a clear favorite. “Probably me. I have no clue why, I’m just thinking I am. Probably just because I’m the youngest,” Colin says of himself. Big brother Alex states,  “He’s just like the baby, so they just like the baby more. They went through me, and you know that first child is where you’re experimenting and everything, and then the next one is where you perfect everything.”There seems to be no brotherly feud going on, as Alex doesn’t mind his parents liking Colin more. “The rest of my family likes me more,” he claims.

Alex also felt it important to add that his younger brother is “pretty good at football.” He says, “That’s his passion. He’s just probably one of the most dedicated hard working people I know. Even though he’s my brother, he still works harder than anyone else I know.”

Colin also dishes some information on his brother, saying “He goes through a lot that a lot of people don’t know about. We like to give him a rough time but he goes through a lot. “

The close brotherly bonds that these brothers share are a great addition to the hallways of Deer Park High School!