Honors Classes

By SADIE CURRY, October 2017

A lot of students take honors classes, but most don’t know the benefits. I have talked to Mrs. Madden, our counselor, and some honors teachers about the honor classes and how they are good for the students.

I spoke with Mrs. Madden about Honors Classes and their benefits. Some benefits of them are, “they look good on a college application they can better prepare pay for college and you can move int to AP classes which you can get college credit for.” Honors classes can boost students GPA “you get a .06 add on”.

I spoke to a few teachers about their honors classes. Mr Benjamin (the honors algebra, precalculus, honors precalculus teacher), said this about how different honors classes are from regular classes. “ It depends on the courses, from a math standpoint we generally cover more and go faster”. He said this about the students “ The students in there are more willing to work… and I think they feel a little more comfortable”.

Mr. Moore (world history, and Honors world history) told me a little bit about honors classes from his perspective, “the material covered is very similar because they are both word history classes but the assignments and expectations are higher in those classes”. He also explained how he thinks the students feel “students that like being with other students that think and like to discuss serious topics usually will like it”.

Honors classes are very helpful for students they can prepare you for college and they can boost your GPA.