Deer Park Homecoming Style

by OLIVIA NOLAND, October 5 2017

Homecoming has nearly become a rite of passage for american teens, and it is no secret that the outfit you choose can make or break the big night. Many students spend weeks or even months searching countless store racks for the perfect attire. With this in mind, the editors of The Deer Parker asked students to tell us about what they plan on wearing to the event.

“I wanna go grey. It has to be grey,” sophomore Sammie Heiob says about the color scheme she’s going for this year.

“I’m probably going to be wearing a vest because I like my vest. Shoes are gonna be just black Sperry’s; Sperry dress shoes of course.” Sophomore Damian Derose says upon being asked about what he plans on wearing to the big night. He was also very enthusiastic while informing us about the finishing touch: “a black belt.”

“It’s a blue dress. It’s nude underneath but it has the blue stuff on top. It’s form fitting. I might wear like shorti-ish high heels, not high,” says sophomore Shaylah Taylor.

For sophomores, juniors, and seniors, choosing an outfit for the Homecoming dance is nothing new. However, the task can prove much more stressful for freshman who aren’t sure what to expect from the event.

When we asked freshman Jaysen Young about what he plans to wear to his first homecoming, he said “A suit. I was gonna probably wear red, white, and gold. So yeah, looking fancy.” When he was questioned about where he planned on purchasing his attire, he simply responded “Probably the kenwood mall. Just probably somewhere up there, most likely.”

We hope students are able to find an outfit just as memorable as their 2017 Homecoming experience will be!