Student Life

H3 Room: New Space Gives Deer Park Students an Opportunity to Recharge

by Cara Finney and Olivia Noland

Deer Park Students and Parents Work in Close Quarters

by Cassidy Horn

Technology Hits the Classroom: How Teachers at Deer Park Handle Smartphones

by Georg Dittlbacher

Smartphone Choices of Deer Park Students

by Zoey Boyle

Siblings at Deer Park

by Cara Finney and Olivia Noland

New Construction: Changes at Amity

by Olivia Noland and Mia Price

Wildcats’ Thanksgiving Traditions

by Sadie Curry and Mia Price

Wildcats’ Favorite Thanksgiving Foods

by Rebecca Bishop

New Faculty Members Are Up to the Challenge of Filling Big Shoes

New Faculty
District-wide new faculty members

by Sadie Curry and Cara Finney, October 2017






Restorative Circles: What Are They?

by Rebecca Bishop, October 2017

Homecoming Style

by Olivia Noland, October 2017

Student Voices: Looking Forward to Homecoming

by Cara Finney, September 2017

Where do Deer Park Students Hang Out?

by Olivia Noland, September 2017