Athlete Spotlight: Jerry Heard

by REBECCA BISHOP, September 2017

Jerry Heard is a freshman from Deer Park High School. It’s his first year in high school and it seems he’s already doing great in the world of football. Although rare Jerry is Deer Park High School’s freshman quarterback.

Jerry seems to have a strong passion for what he does on the field. Although it may not seem that way, Jerry says being the freshman quarterback can make him nervous. But he says, “Once I hit the field all that goes away, and it’s just me out there.”

Jerry’s jersey number is one. He says it was the first number he ever saw when he was little, but it goes deeper. Jerry mentions that his grandpa died in January, the first month of the year. “When I get number one I think of him,” said Jerry.

Football is an exciting sport, especially for Jerry. Proving people wrong, playing homecoming, and making touchdowns are things something Jerry is really excited to do this football season. With all the exciting things about football, there are things Jerry finds himself worrying about: ”Getting hurt and not being able to play for the rest of my career,” which I believe Jerry is worried about the most.

Jerry feels a lot of joy when he plays football, he mentions that it tends to bring out the inner beast in people and makes them work harder. Because of Jerry’s passion for football, he definitely wants to continue through high school doing the best he can. Jerry’s goal with football in the future is to “Go to a D1 maybe go farther, make it somewhere big.”