Marching Band Makes for Good Friends, Competition

by SADIE CURRY and MIA PRICE, 9/28/2017


Marching Band is one thing that is very important to our school, with the group having gone to the state competition 24 years in a row. We have interviewed a few of the band kids and one of the band directors on how they felt about band and the upcoming shows to find out more about our band.

Mr.Vetter, our band director, says that they have many competitions throughout the season, including one Saturday, September 16 in Tippecanoe in Ohio. They also perform at all home football games and some away.  Also, they are planning to go to 5 local music education events.  Marching band shows are typically short, ranging from 8 to 9.5 minutes, but take weeks of preparation to perfect.

Band PitPaige Davies (class of 2021) said, “I joined band at first because I’ve always had a love for music.” Ellie Driver (class of 2021) said, “I joined because my whole family did it and because of friends.” They enjoy band and are excited for the upcoming band shows. Paige went on, saying, “I’m excited for the Kettering competition and state.”  Seth Tindle (class of 2019) said, “Opportunities like scholarships, and the determination hard work that everyone has to go through” [are the reasons he likes marching band]. They stayed in band because of their friends and new music, and learning how to march for the marching band.

Marching Band

Band is a fun experience and everyone should try it at least once. You get to compete in shows, make new friends and learn how to play an instrument that you are interested in. Do as Ellie Driver says, and, “join the band asap.”