Artist Spotlight: Payton Sand

IMG_1372by MIA PRICE, 9/28/2017


    Payton Sand, a freshman, is one of the many talented artist at Deer Park jr/sr high school. Payton started as beginner but grew talented over his many years of drawing.



Payton started drawing in the 2nd grade.  He was inspired by an anime he watched but it never went on to it’s third season so he wanted to finish it himself. Payton then decided to learn how to draw although soon he found out, “You need a lot of money to pay for animations and the cast,” so in the end he wasted his time, but it became something he liked to do.




As Payton got older he became even better at his drawings, but human joints are still something he struggles with once in awhile.  The easiest things for Payton to draw are people, bugs, and skulls.  Although Payton can draw almost anything he struggles with drawing bikes and motorcycles the most, an it’s something he really wants to work on to perfect.



Payton told me what he liked most about art he said, “What I like most about art is that you can express yourself freely.”