Artist Spotlight: Jullian Phillips

by MIA PRICE, October 10, 2017

A Jullian Phillips illustration of "Animal Farm"
Jullian’s illustration of  Animal Farm.

Jullian Phillips is a talented artist in his freshman year. He’s an artist who prefers drawing in a comic book style that doesn’t often have coloring because “that’s not as interesting to me.”


What got him started was watching his dad draw cool designs, so he picked it up.  He stopped for awhile, but when got to the third grade he had started up again once he saw his dad doing tattoo designs.   


One of his recent  drawings was of his five favorite rappers, a poster to hang in his room. The drawing was done about a month ago.


Mr. Chuckles
Jullian’s work can be found on whiteboards around the school.

Jullian mainly gets his inspiration from his dad, cartoons, and music. When he draws he prefers to colors with just a pencil because “ if you can add color without actually adding color that’s really impressive.”  He also designs his own original characters that he hopes can turn into it’s own independent small comic book company with Deer Park students, Payton Sand, Mia Price, Abbie Ashcroft, and Jaysen Young.