Deeper Perspective of High School Lunches


56% of students in our country eat school lunch daily. That’s around 29.8 million students. Everyone has seen in movies and social media on how they usually portray school lunches: horrible, bad tasting, and sloppy. However, at Deer Park most students eat and enjoy school lunches. The school website even has a whole section dedicated to their weekly lunches and the nutritional value accordingly. 

Lunch ladies have a hard job if you think about it, so many kids to feed every single day. They They also have a different main lunch that changes daily, meaning that students have many different opinions on the lunches. The lunches chosen need to be healthy and nutritious. “Our food service manager usually decides it, … she works at the board office.” says Vera Henry, one of the lunch ladies at Deer Park.  Although the school has a lot of options many students have a personal favorite out of everything. “Bosco sticks, or also mozzarella sticks.” Bsoco sticks at Deer Park even have a special day, Thursday, dedicated to the popular meal. Now on the other hand, students may also have their least favorites, especially because these days kids are becoming very picky. “Definitely the salsbury steak, it was popular,  just not anymore.” states Vera Henry. After all the hungry students have their lunches. There has to be something left. “ We usually don’t have a lot left over, then on Friday that’s when we usually throw it out.” said once again by Vera Henry. 

It’s hard for students to concentrate and focus, especially when they are hungry. Some foods can positively affect the cognitive function and some could negatively affect it. They also need their fuel to persevere throughout school. Many students have different opinions on the school lunch some love it and others despise it. “It could be better, they tried to be healthier but they have failed.” says Freshman, Kylie McCormick. Other students may think differently about school lunches for example. “School lunch is fine to me, I don’t think there is anything that can be changed.” says Freshman, Joseph Mickenberg.

Lunches can have a major impact on the students learning ability throughout the day. Many students need to have a healthy and nutritious lunch. According to School Nutrition Association says, “The new regulations, effective beginning in 2012, require cafeterias to offer more fruit, vegetables and whole grains and limit sodium, calories and unhealthy fat in every school meal.” School milk is one of the most common beverages for school lunches it has a lot of nutritional value that provides students with their energy. Stated by the USDA it says, “First, it will broaden the milk options in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program by allowing local operators to permanently offer flavored, low-fat milk.”

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