Teenagers in the Modern World: Battling Stress and Pressure (Part 1 of 3)

img_8295By OLIVIA NOLAND, January 2019

Today, teenagers often appear isolated in their own world full of high school shenanigans and social media posts. However, many young adults argue that the high school experience isn’t always as enjoyable as it’s made out to be. Students at Deer Park High School claim that trying to navigate the changes and responsibilities that come with growing up places tremendous stress and strain on their everyday lives.

Students feel that having such a busy schedule places a lot of pressure on teenagers who are still learning how to balance their academic and extracurricular commitments. “I just know personally that I have a job and I go to school everyday, and I’m involved in my school and I strive for good grades and that’s a lot of pressure. I feel like a lot of teenagers deal with that,” says junior, Cara Finney.

Sophomore, Janay Rose, agrees that balancing academics and after-school activities is difficult. “Basketball and school are so stressful for me, because I don’t just play school basketball, I also play AAU basketball. I travel and I’m basically never home in the summer. It’s just hard when you go to practice and you’re tired and then you come home to homework. That’s stressful,” she explains.

img_8298In addition to busy schedules and various commitments, teens are often faced with expectations that result in constant pressure. Sophomore, Connor Laudermilk says “I think one thing for me personally is my dad, he’s always been someone I wanted to be like because he’s kind of turned what he’s had and what he was given into a lot more than what he had. He wasn’t given a lot, so I feel like looking up to that and trying to beat that- that’s hard too.” He adds, “I want to be like my dad, so like, the image there, trying be that and not being exactly like my dad, being my own person, i feel like that’s hard.”

Freshman, William Schroeder, claims that a difficult part of teenage life is the issues he and his peers face that are far less evident on the surface. He says, “Oftentimes there are home pressures taking place, or maybe there’s that one kid who’s having identity issues.”

Some teenagers claim that they simply feel stuck and confused as to what they’re supposed to be doing as a young adult. “You’re too young to do half the stuff you want to do and you’re too old to do the the other half of stuff you want to do. I just feel like in high school you’re put to such a high expectation with figuring out what you’re supposed to do with your life, but at the same time people are telling you to go enjoy it,” sophomore, Ariana Overton explains.

It seems that some teenagers have accepted that these years won’t be perfect, but nonetheless, they are simply ready to move on to the next phase of their lives. Freshman, Ashley Lewis, says “I know I’m going to make a lot of mistakes in these next few years, everyone does as a teenager. I just want to speed up that time and get to the bigger part of my life.”


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