Deer Park Choirs


IMG_3562The Deer Park Junior Senior High School choirs have shrunk in size this school year. We decided to interview the choir teacher Mr Reis. We asked him a couple of questions about how his experience has been teaching at Deer Park and how he feels now that the choirs have gotten smaller.

 “ At Deer park it’s been a little different because its a large age range, I have 6th grade through 12th grade,” said Mr. Reis. “I say it’s been very eye opening in the sense that you have to wear different hats so to speak so I start my day with 6th graders then transfer and do high schoolers for a couple bells then Jr. High then high schoolers for a bell,” He’s had to adjust to a different kind of schedule: “It’s just very different that you have to switch gears so often,” he said,  “But kids give good effort when they are up to the challenge.”

We then asked him how he feels about smaller choir sizes, and he said, “typically it’s the trend when a new teacher comes in genuinely the 3rd year the choirs are going to be the smallest because the previous recruiting is gone.”  He feels that since it is his second year the choirs will grow within a few years so it doesn’t concern him that the choirs have gotten smaller.

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