Editorial: Phones? More Like Creepy Invasive Tiny Mobile Machines


Ever heard of the Google Pixel 3? It’s one of the newest phones on the market. It’s got great storage, a fantastic screen, and absolutely zero consideration for privacy. Yeah you read that right.

There is a commercial for the phone on TV, in which the guy in the commercial shows that this phone doesn’t just have a camera, but a camera with “the power of Google Lens behind it.” The man then goes on to point his camera at the customer’s shoes and tells him that he now knows the manufacturer of zed shoes ad where he can find them. The customer responds by saying that there’s nowhere you can get his shoes. The man then looks into the camera, holds up the phone and says “Huh, I beg to differ.”

These phones can just scan people and tell you information about them (where they shop which can lead to where they live, both of with can lead to how much money the person makes, etc.). This phone shouldn’t be allowed to have this feature.  In fact, nothing should be allowed to do something like this.

People can just scan you with their phone and learn information about you, which is a huge invasion of privacy. How would you feel if you bought something, and somebody just scanned it with their phone and learned about you? If your answer is that it wouldn’t bother you, I highly recommend a room where they put foam cubes on your hands so you can’t hurt yourself.

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