The Greatest Dispute Of All Time


Our world has seen many historical disputes over time. Two world wars, the French-Indian war, America being “discovered,” Trump building a wall, and the most brutal of them all: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation. Both of these shows were created by the same guys, both are filmed in a mockumentary style, both are on the same network, and both take place in an office-type setting.

We interviewed several students and teachers about which show they prefer. Surprisingly, there wasn’t a single person who hated one or the other. Even though they have their favorites, they still love the other show.

“I liked The Office better first, but for rewatching I like Parks and Rec better,” said Dr. West. “What I like about The Office was, especially the the early seasons, it felt really real and different from other sitcoms. Toward the end it got silly. Parks and Rec jokes stand up better for repeated watching.” We then asked him who his favorite character on each show was and why. “[On] Parks and Rec, I really like Andy, because I like that even though I know he’s just kind of a dope, the way he’s a dope is always surprising and hilarious. On The Office, it’s hard to pick one, because what I like about The Office is how they all exist together.” The final question we asked him was between Dwight and Ron Swanson, who would win in a fight? “I think that Dwight could win because he would go overboard on weaponry, so as long as he used it correctly he would win.”

IMG_3428Ms. Hackney was the other teacher interviewed. “[Between The Office and Parks and Recreation], Parks and Rec easily.” We asked her what she likes better about Parks and Recreation. “The cast of characters. So like, Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Tom Haverford, all of these characters are so out there and goofy but they mesh together in a really cool interesting way that just works. The characters, the characters. I mean I love The Office don’t get me wrong. They [just] really perfected that goofy silly sense of humor in Parks and Rec.” Ms. Hackney also had several favorite characters on each show. “The Office, it’s a tie between Jim and Dwight. They’re just so ridiculous in the best way possible. And then on Parks and Rec either Ron Swanson or Jean-Ralphio. Jean-Ralphio, he’s the worst in the best way.”

“I have to go with The Office,” Senior Joey Newman commented. “I’ve seen The Office more so I think that’s why I like it.” Joey feels that The Office stands above Parks and Recreation because “It’s more funny in a way.” “Every time Dwight’s on screen I laugh.” Dwight also happens to be one of Joey’s favorite characters on the show alongside Kevin. “They’re the two funniest characters on the show.” “[On Parks and Recreation], Ron Swanson. He’s an American man, he’s the definition of America.”

While The Office definitely won the popular vote, Parks and Recreation is still loved. Everyone we interviewed loved both The Office and Parks and Recreation, Senior Joey Newman was one of the people who liked The Office a little bit more than Parks and Recreation. “Also it’s [The Office] more sentimental.”

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