Favorite Holiday Movie


Movies are one of many ways that bring family and friends together to watch something special. Holiday movies which are popular mainly during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas but overall which of these Holidays has the best movies? In this article, we’ll be seeing which holiday has the best movie overall.

Out of all the holiday movies listed Halloween Town reigned supreme with a total of 6/10 votes. One of the voters Torie Angeo explained why she had chosen Halloween Town out of the four other movie choices. Angeo’s reason for choosing Halloween Town was, “I think I just like the plot in it and I love the characters in it.” The plot is about Marnie and her kids finding out they come from a family of witches and soon later must fight an evil looming in the dark.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was the second most voted holiday movie with 3/10 votes. A voter Jason Young explains what it is about this movie that he loves so much is “I like Charlie Brown.” Young considers him a character that is easily relatable to and it brings him back to when he was really young just watching Charlie Brown constantly.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: live action was the least voted on holiday movie with 1/10 votes. The only voter, Savannah Stewart, stated why it was her favorite holiday movie. ¨Because one, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Two it’s just the fact that I could see me in the Grinch.¨

Out of all of these votes, it seems as if Christmas movies are the least favored even though the holiday itself is so popular. The most popular holiday movies, according to the data, is halloween movies.

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