Holiday Traditions



As the holidays are approaching we all are getting prepared. Shopping for presents, getting23145157041_e2573816a1_bg the ingredients for the big dinner. Everyone has their traditions and routines for the holiday season. Maybe your traditions are simple or maybe they are crazy and complex. Some want to change the traditions, add a few different things to try or you might want it to stay exactly the same.

Everyone family has their traditions. An example would be Miranda Roberts, sophomore at Deer Park High School who loves Christmas. Asked about a tradition her family does every year, she said “We go out to lunch,” on Christmas day.  I wake up at my moms house and open presents then, at some point during the day I go to my dad’s and do the same thing.” When asked if you would want to change anything she says, “No.” She enjoys her Christmas traditions and wouldn’t like anything to change.

Christmas traditions can be difficult to change though, some are trying to change it. Many people want to keep their own traditions, and some are re-starting them.  

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