Joey Newman,  Nov, 16 2018

At Deer Park ASMR has been a hot topic. For people who don’t know, ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin. You can go on youtube and look at it. Me personally I do not like ASMR. I think it’s weird and disturbing, but some people like it I don’t know why. I interviewed two people for this. One person likes it and the other doesn’t. Omary Gutierrez and she said “ I like ASMR because it’s relaxing and help me sleeps.” I guess that’s why people like it. I asked Torie Angel how she feels about it, and she said this, “ ASMR is weird and creepy, the fact they whisper in my ears makes me uncomfortable.” That is the same reason why I don’t like ASMR.    

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