Do Deer Park Students Think The Truth Is Out There?

By: TORIE ANGEL, October 2018

image1 (1)

When Deer Park students are asked about Aliens, it turns into a controversy. Some students believe that aliens are real, some don’t believe that exist at all and others don’t think intelligent life other than us exists but maybe “bacteria like aliens” could be real.
I surveyed several Deer Park High School students on whether they believed in Aliens, 62.86% believe that Aliens are real and 37.14% don’t think they exists. I asked a total of 35 people which mean 22 people believe and 13 people believe. When I talked to Joey Newman about whether he believes in aliens, he says “Yes, I believe in aliens.” I then asked Joey if he’s ever had an experience with aliens or UFOs then he replied, “Around the age of 10, I was at a church with some friends and our older brothers. We were on a balcony and all the sudden we saw something flying over us. It wasn’t a plane because it was a U/Oval shaped ship with green blinking lights on it.” I then asked Cody Benjamin if he believed in aliens or if he’s ever seen a UFO, he replied “I do believe in aliens but I’ve never seen an alien or a UFO.” Many students agreed that aliens are real but they have never seen them before, most students agree that they would like to see one. I asked one other student if they thought aliens were real, John Anderson said “They might be real but they’re not anything like what people think they’re like. I personally believe that they’ll be like little bacteria.”

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