Student Jobs

It is no secret that today’s high school students have jam-packed schedules. Along with their academic and oftentimes their extracurricular commitments, some Deer Park High School students devote their free time to working part time jobs.

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Cara Finney began working her job at Chipotle in early September. She claims to have mixed feelings about her position, explaining “I guess it probably is one of the better fast food places to work, because since it’s in the mall you don’t really have to clean tables or go talk to people. But if you’re interested in like, not cleaning drains, I would work somewhere else.”


Although she may not be crazy about her job, Cara claims that the food is what makes working there worth it in the end. She says, “Chipotle is my favorite place to eat. I could eat there every day. Even working there, I still love it. Plus I get a free meal each shift and fifty percent off when I’m not working. So I guess I’m cool with it.”


Will Fischer worked as a lifeguard at Brookside Pool Club over the summer, and claims his favorite part of the job was simply the people. “I like the staff there, they’re really nice. There’s no one who really hates anybody else, There’s no tension,” he explains. He also adds that he once saved a life…. of a frog. “It was a really big bullfrog. I had to jump in and get it out of the pool. I think I tossed it into Bechtold,” he explained.


When summer came to an end Will’s time as a lifeguard was over, so he turned to reffing soccer games instead. He says, “The most enjoyable part about that job is the money. The worst part is when the parents or the coaches don’t know soccer rules as well as a ref, so they try and yell at you and say you’re wrong when you’re right.”


Will claims that he definitely prefers the laid back atmosphere his job as a lifeguard offered, but wishes it came with the pay he receives as a referee.


Ian Goodpaster works at Italianette, a local Italian restaurant. He is responsible for taking orders, and lacks enthusiasm toward the job. He says “The worst part is not being able to hear people on the phone, and having to stand for like seven hours.” He also feels upset that he can’t eat food at his job and claims, “If I start eating, they’ll start hatin on me. I’m not allowed to eat any of the food during my shifts.”


Kenzi Gibson works alongside Ian at Italianette. He’s a busser there, and is simply upset because his job at is not nearly as fun as his previous job at Baressi’s. “Barresi’s was live. In Barresi’s the bussers had their own room. But now, the bussers are in the back and we don’t have our own space. I just don’t feel like I can talk. At my old job, Barresi’s, it was normal to just stand and talk while you were waiting for another table to bus. Here, there’s always people all around me so I feel like I can’t talk,” he explains.


Overall, the two employees don’t enjoy very many aspects of their job but are willing to tolerate it until wrestling season, when they plan to take a break because of their busy schedules.

Cara Finney sums up her experience as an employee, saying “Working is just really difficult sometimes. I don’t always have time to eat, or sleep, or shower the way I want to. But I mean, I’m getting paid and the people I work with are cool, so I guess it’s worth it in the end.”


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