We asked 15 people who go to Deer Park High School from grades seven through eleventh grade what their favorite lunch item was and why they liked it. The items that were said the most were  fries, bosco sticks, chicken patty and hamburger/cheese burger. The most liked item was the hamburger. Out of 15 votes total votes hamburgers got five. Sophia Wilson said that the hamburger was, “easy to get to and what I usually get.”

IMG_0776The second most liked were fries and bosco sticks were tied with four each out of 15. Mia Behrens said that fries were her favorite because “they are the only thing that taste

Jaysen Young said that bosco sticks were his favorite because, “They are just really  good.”The third most liked was chicken patty with one of 15 votes. Alex Rivas said she liked them, “because they are easy,” and she likes chicken. Overall, most people liked hamburgers but, fries and bosco sticks weren’t far behind. Overall majority of students like school lunch “Why I like school lunch is because of the wide variety of food to eat,” says Mia Price.

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