How playing an instrument affects students lives

By: John Anderson
Around 100 Deer Park High School students participate in band a year. Which is a very large amount of our student body, especially when you realize that that is about the same amount of people that we have per class year. Today I sat down with a few of the DP Jazz band members to ask them how playing an instrument has impacted their lives, and high school experience
When I asked Junior tuba player Eric Hamilton how his life has been impacted he said, “It makes me feel like i’m a part of something greater.” Eric also participates in soccer, football, and bowling. When I asked him how band compared to other activities he said it’s a lot more pressure because you get less chances to prove yourself against competition.
I then asked sophomore trumpet player Eli (Chunk) List the same questions, and he said, “band gives me a lot of friends that I connect with. It’s nice to be able to hang out as an ensemble with a common purpose.” Chunk is also a boy scout. When I asked him how the two activities compared he said band is more self monitoring where you push yourself to get better, scouts is more learning leadership skills in a group setting.
Senior trumpet player Cody Benjamin was next. Cody is a paper away from being an eagle scout, and has been in band since sixth grade. I talked with him about how our band careers were coming to an end and he said, “I think band has been a very very positive impact on me throughout high school. Even though i’m sad about the fact that it is almost over I am glad I did it because the skills that I learned and the knowledge I gained about myself as a person will help me throughout the rest of my life.”

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