Halloween in Deer Park

By CODY BENJAMIN, October 2018

Halloween is a fun time. The movies, the costumes, the candy. You can’t go wrong. In addition to just going out trick-or-treating, the students of Deer Park have some things they do for the Halloween season.

Freshman Brendan Novak said “I go on vacation. We go to this place, this campground.” He said they do trick-or-treating at this campground. There’s a lot of people that go around the area trick-or-treating, and it’s a lot of fun. “It’s called Halloweekend.” In addition to going camping, Brendan also said that he enjoys “the spooky decorations,” around this time of year. “It’s cool to see different levels [of creativity with decorations].”

“[I love the] creativity of the costumes,” said Drew Handorf. She likes seeing all the trick-or-treaters in all kinds of different costumes. Besides the costumes, Drew has a fun tradition around this time of year. “I hang out with Araya.” She went on to say “we watch a lot of halloween movies.”

I also interviewed Olivia Noland. “I just like the atmosphere. I feel like everybody’s happier,” she said. She went on to say “It’s like the Christmas spirit but better.” She also was the first person who said they didn’t really have a tradition for this time of year. “I can’t recall any Halloween traditions. It might be fun to start one.”

Torie Angel had some fun traditions in the spirit of Halloween. “We decorate my house,” she told me. The fun doesn’t stop there though. “I watch a lot of scary movies.” She then went on to tell me about a lot of different scary movies she enjoys watcIMG_3362hing. “I love watching scary movies and going to haunted houses [is my favorite part of the season],” she said, which coincides with her first response, which was “being scared.”

The students aren’t the only ones at Deer Park having fun around Halloween. “I like watching scary movies,” said Dr. West. He also said that he likes the spooky scary movies better than the slasher, gory ones. That’s just the start of the fun though. “As a parent, I’m required to help my kids carve a pumpkin, which I hate.”

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