Editorial: Do guys look good wearing pink?

By JAYSEN YOUNG, October 2018

Over the years pink has been in style then it left. Back in ye old days lots of guys wore pink then it started to die off. Now days you would  rarely see boys wearing this color. Why is this such a controversial color? Some say it looks girly some say it looks dope. One student said, “It would look good it just depends on the shade of pink”. Another student said “it depends on the person.”

Back in the 1920s pink was the boy color and blue was considered to be the girl color. Pink was considered to be a boy color because its a more decided and stronger color which makes it more suitable for the boy (they thought). While blue is more dainty more pretty, which was thought to be suited for girls. But as time went on this started to change. This way of thinking was completely turned around. Girls wore pink and guys wore blue.

Recently guys are bring the old style back. Now you will see guys wearing pink hoodies and shirts. People like it because it’s different. This style has been out for a while. “Pink looks good on guys you just gotta be able to where it right,” said one student.  People are also letting people be themselves: we are a group of people here at Deer Park that just let people roll how they wanna roll.

So do guy look good wearing pink? ”Yes well it depends on the person,” said one student. That is basically what everyone said.  I also would have to agree.  It just depends on what you wear like your style. So if you like pink wear it.

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