Students Are HEATED About The Air Conditioning

By TORIE ANGEL and JOEY NEWMAN, October 2018

image1With the opening of the newly renovated Amity Elementary and temperatures reaching into the 90’s well into September, the lack of air conditioning in the Deer Park High School has been the talk of the school since classes started back up in September. Students went through several weeks of dealing with the heat, many teachers felt as if the heat was a distraction.  Social Studies teacher, Mr. Devine “I think it’s horrible.” Mr. Devine explains, “it inhibits student’s learning.”  The heat is really making it hard for students to focus in classes but it’s also affecting the teachers. Mr.Devine explains,  “I find it difficult to adequately teach the materials that I’m required to teach.”

Many students are very upset about the lack of air conditioning, we talked to Taylor Siemers about his feelings towards the air conditioning. “It’s wack, Hubbard’s room is so hot.” We asked Taylor if he would perform better as a student if he had air conditioning, he replied with “Yes, I would focus in class more.”

Superintendent, Jay Phillips empathized.  “I completely agree with our teachers and students,” he said.  “Classrooms with temperatures approaching and even exceeding 100 degrees on occasion make it very difficult to teach and learn.  Every day, every hour, and every minute our students are with us should be spent learning, and often times when the temperatures inside the classroom aren’t conducive to learning, those are wasted minutes.  Quite frankly, I feel like it’s unacceptable that in the year 2018 we still have learning environments that don’t have air conditioning.  We are working very hard from a district perspective to secure funding to be able to install climate control in our Jr./Sr. High School ASAP.”

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