Homecoming To Go or Not To GO


Homecoming dances are something special.They are an old tradition in American dating back to 1903 homecoming back then and now is a seance of returning home and to celebrate it.  All throughout the years, many people have made great memories and people still are making great memories. Deer Park’s homecoming was September 22, and we want to know why people did go and know why some didn’t.

2018-09-27 12.54.09
Sophomores Rebecca Bishop and Kenzie Smith at Homecoming

Senior Mackenzie Stratton and a Junior Olivia Noland were a couple of the many students who went to Deer Park Jr/Sr High School’s homecoming dance. Stratton said it’s my last year and I want to remember it.” This being her last year this would be more emotional for her a bittersweet night for Ms.Stratton. Olivia Noland said “I like an activity where the student body coming together and having fun” Ms.Noland is a student who loves to have fun with the other students she sees it as a way for each student to get to know each other more and as another way for others to make friends.

On the other hand,there are also many people who don’t go. Freshmen Kylee Jarvis said “I had an older sister who went here and just hearing about it from her” The dance sounded exciting which made Kylee herself wanted to go but  Unfortunately,Kylie didn’t go this year because of outside forces. Sophomore Nathan Weisenborn didn’t go because “Homecoming is boring. I’d rather be somewhere else.” Many claimed homecoming was better than compared to last year,which had a theme of ‘Neon Lights’ compared to this year’s ‘Candyland’.

“I liked Candyland this year because I thought it was a great theme and it was kinda cute.” said sophomore Rebecca Bishop.”

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