DPHS Marching Band 2018-19

By:Winter Jarvis

Every year the marching band has a themed performance piece. The theme this year is Route 66. Wanting to know more about the show, the band was interviewed.


“This year’s marching band has the same, if not more, capability than previous years.” Matt Suddendorf told me in September, 2018.On Sept 20, 2018, the Deer Park High School marching band came in 1st place when playing in Tipp City. Suddendorf said “The class of 2019 is the band I started with. They are my first band that I have taken from start to finish. With the large incoming freshman class…our band is the largest it has ever been.”



Senior, Trent Braun said “The freshman band [of 2015-16] was the best band. Now that we [class of 2019] are seniors, I feel that we have the same potential [as the freshman band].” With that information in mind, Abbie Ashcraft shared “This show has good potential, we just need to do it right.” 

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