Prockers (Problem + Lockers. Get It?)

By CODY BENJAMIN, October, 2018

You’ve heard about the locker situation at the school right? I always hear people talking about them and how they are awful. But everything I heard was the exact same thing: they’re too small. Well, I wanted to get more in depth with it. I wanted to see the specific problems people had with them.


Will Fischer, a junior, had some things to say about the situation. He told me that it got real compact. He said that they were spread out and then all of a sudden they were all super close together. “I can’t stop at my locker in between classes because I don’t have enough time,” Will told me. I also asked him how it has personally affected him.“I have to carry around a lot more stuff. I can’t go to my locker and expect it to be a quick trip.”

 Sophomore Araya Spangler also feels very strongly about the lockers. “Less space, you’re more crowded, they’re just very inconvenient,” she said. I also asked her what it was like to have the lockers for the entirety of high school. “It really sucks,” Araya said. “There’s not enough space for your stuff.”


“Overall, [I think they’ve had a] positive [impact], but I think it depends on the situation,” Mr. Hartley commented. “If I were in your shoes, I’d try to make the best of the situation.” He also mentioned that the lockers were put in for “Upgrades. The old lockers were, as you know, pretty ugly.”

Do the students feel the same way that Mr. Hartley does? “No! It makes me mad every single day!” said Araya.



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