Wildcats’ Thanksgiving Traditions

by SADIE CURRY and MIA PRICE, November, 2017

Traditions are something that most families have together and they can be a very special thing, especially around the holidays.

A lot of the people have similar traditions like going to families’ houses or having family come over.  They play games with their younger relatives, play sports, card games and board games with their families. “We can just play Apples to Apples, just the kids, and the adults play Therapy” Regan Tassel tells us. “If it’s warm enough out well go outside and play football,” says Austin Moore.

Not just our students but our teacher have favorite Thanksgiving traditions.    Mr.Moulton’s favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is “going up to an evergreen tree farm and cuts down trees for christmas. Then, we all go back to my grandma’s house to watch the Ohio State vs Michigan game and eat chilli.”

Like the other Mr. M, Mr.Moore’s favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving involves family. He likes to “play euchre.  It’s a card game we keep track of who wins every year a place a picture and name of the person who wins until next year’s winner.”

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