New Faculty Members Are Up to the Challenge of Filling Big Shoes

By SADIE CURRY and CARA FINNEY, October 10, 2017


New Faculty
District-wide new faculty members

As you may have noticed while peering through the doorways at the Deer Park Jr./Sr. High School, we have welcomed an abundance of new members to our staff. This list includes the following: Chris Acus, Instructional Aide; Tasha Burbridge, Secretary; Joe Donnellon, PE Teacher; Rachel Hackney, 8th Grade English Teacher; Nichole Handorf, Instructional Aide; Ryan Hubbard, 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher; Greg Huster, Athletic Director; Calvin Johnson, Dean of Students; Amber Landers, Art Teacher; Lisa Locher, Instructional Aide; Kevin Moulton, 9th Grade Math Teacher; Emily Rathge, Speech and Language Pathologist, Matt Reis, Choir Teacher; Chris Temar, 8th Grade Math Teacher and Craig West, 9th Grade English Teacher.


One new member of the faculty, Miss Landers, has replaced Ms. Osmond as our art teacher, which is a major change considering Ms. Osmond was such a staple teacher in our building who is now gone. Miss Landers is welcomed warmly, and seems just as excited to be here as we are to have her. She loves our small school district, and how she can ¨get to know a lot of the kids, and know who they’re talking about when they mention someone to [her] in X-Bell.¨


Landers in room
Miss Landers working with a student

Miss Landers, who has taught a high school art class before, was inspired to do art by her high school ceramics teacher. ¨She made me feel that I was actually good at it, even though I was just beginning, and I wasn’t actually that good,¨ she jokes. ¨She gave me the courage to believe I was still succeeding.¨ It was because of this teacher that the favorite medium in art of Miss Landers is clay.

Students of Miss Landers have expressed their admiration of her, and her teaching styles. One of her freshman students says, “She is really friendly. She talks with all of us. She can just sit down and have a conversation with her students.”


Miss Landers also has pretty unique teaching styles. She plays music during class, specifically ¨french, traditional, jazz café music,” she tells us. ¨It´s neutral, it’s good background music and it’s kind of fun. It stimulates creativity.¨


Miss Landers also wanted to share one of her favorite pastimes. ¨I love outdoor adventure. So if anyone ever puts together a canoeing trip, or rock climbing, I´m in. I love that stuff.¨


In case you were wondering, she has extended her participation in the community past the regular school day, with art club. This club is open for all grades, 7-12, and will be both an open studio and will have guided projects for students who desire. Come and learn more about our new art teacher, and enjoy the adventure that is art!


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