Improving Wildcats: Football Overview


Now  2-3, Deer Park’s football team has had ups and downs in the first two games, and hopes to work towards a winning record. Freshman quarterback Jerry Heard has been doing his thing and getting better. The team is improving game after game and showing more promise, with only a few setbacks.

With Deer Parks wins against New Miami and Clark, they are already at the same amount of wins they had all last year.  The early wins show a promising start for the 2017 football team.  The new head coach, Coach Cal, has had an impact on the players this year.

When asked to describe the team in one word Coach Cal responded with, “Young.”  “Improving” is the word Coach Moore used to describe the team.  “We’re going to do nothing but get stronger as the years go on,” was Coach Cals view of the future.

Asked how the team can improve, Coach Cal said, “I would cut down on the mistakes we made, and execute better.“  “I think we’ll get what we earn,”  he added, meaning nothing will be handed to them, and that they will have to work for everything.

“Sometimes you have to taste winning on a consistent basis to understand what it takes to be a winner,” says Coach Cal when talking about the young team we have.

Coach Moore said, “Each day each week we are learning the offence more, learning the defence more and getting better at it. Especially with a lot of young players we have nowhere else to go but up.”

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