Athlete Spotlight: Torey Macke

by WILL FISCHER, September 2017

Athlete Spotlight: Torey MackeThe girls Deer Park High school soccer team is off to a successful start this year. Led by their junior captain, Torey Macke (class of 2019), who leads the CHL in goals. With the win over Clarke last Saturday the team is now 6-3-2, which is the the same number of wins they had all last year. This year looks promising for the girls varsity soccer team.


From last year to this year, many changes have happened with seniors leaving and a large number of freshmen coming in. When Torey was asked about the biggest change she noticed, she said, “Attitude is the biggest difference from this year to last year. This year each individual cares about their team more than personal stats and feelings.” The change in attitude has factored into the girls season improving.


“Dedicated,” was her one word to describe her team this year, “We know what we have to get done and what we have to do in order to succeed and anyone is willing to do anything to get better.”


When asked what her goals for this year were her response was very team oriented, “I don’t have personal goals set for the season because the biggest thing is just to win games. I want to win more games than last year and beat a CHL team that we hadn’t beat yet.” Torey also explained her motivation to reach her goals was the people in the stands cheering her and her team on.


After being asked about why she plays the sport, Torey responded saying “I would like to further soccer into college, because I love it and it’s a huge stress reliever.” She likes her coaches and explains how they balance seriousness and fun. “They make sure we are in shape and push us to get better everyday by doing one extra sprint or getting a few more shots off,” Torey explained.


“The team will definitely be better than we were last year, I believe our record will almost double with 8 wins if not more.” With four wins already this year the girls soccer team is on there way to improve from last year.


“I think this is our year to stay in postseason for longer than we ever have.”

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