Trusty Athletes

by WILL FISCHER, October 5, 2017


TrustyAthleteWith a team struggling for success this year, a few players from the boy’s high school soccer team have shown promise.  Among these players are two sophomores, you may know the dueling redheads.  Jacob and Devin Trusty are proving to be valuable future leaders of the soccer team.


When asked what their goals were, Jacob responded simply with, “I really don’t have that many goals I want to achieve. I just want to improve physically and mentally.”  Agreeing with his brother Devin replied, “I don’t really have any goals.  I really just want us to keep getting better and to not give up.”


TrustyAthlete3Jacob’s opinion on the team this year was “progressing”.  Devin, Jacob’s twin and captain along side his brother, agreed that the team is progressing.  They chose this as their one word to describe the team this year.  “Progressing because we are a work in progress.”  The team with only two wins has nowhere to go but up.


With the soccer team struggling this year the only thing they can do is improve.  “Work harder in practice”, was Jacob’s advice on how the men’s soccer team can have more success this year.  Devin’s view was a little more direct, “Actually coming to win and not just to have fun.”




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