Smartphone Choices of Deer Park Students

by Zoey Boyle, February 2018




Iphone vs Android: what is the better option? The answer to this question is all up to the consumer and what they personally want. What is the more appealing brand to use as a high school student?

The majority of the students choose iPhone as the better option in an online poll.

When asked why student Kylee Everman said “They are more aesthetically pleasing the way they look and the way it overall functions, they run really fast and, I like the way they have the icons set up the way they are larger than Androids, I like that there are less unnecessary apps, I like the way the emojis look, and I like the picture qualities for the Iphone.” Some of the other responses for Iphone were that it was more user friendly, it runs faster, easy to use and doesn’t crash.

For Android some of the comments were that they liked that there was more than one button. They also liked that it came out first, it can do more things, the newer Androids have headphone jacks and, that it was cheaper.

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