Parkers Pressure: Variety Show Holds a Special Challenge for Freshmen

by Cassidy Horn, March 2018

Parkers Group

In my experience freshman year is stressful enough, then the added pressure of Parkers. I remember being backstage watching the act before us, whispering to my best friend about how scared I am.  I spoke with some of this year’s freshmen to see if it is still the same.

“There is definitely pressure being a freshman in Parkers because you could devastatingly mess up and you will always be remembered as the girl who messed up.” Drew says about the pressure freshman receive being in Parkers for the first time. “I wanted to do Parker’s to get to know the school better.”

The Parkers variety show has been a part of this school for over 70 years.  Drew’s best advice for freshman trying out is simply “Just chill out, don’t have too high of expectations, even if you don’t get into the act you want you can always try out for a specialty act.”

Pressure is definitely common among freshmen in Parkers, as Ellie Driver and Leighton Walker both agree that there is pressure. Ellie’s advice to future freshman trying out is “ Don’t do it (Parkers) unless you’re prepared to fail, and you have to prepare for older people to get in before you because they have seniority.”

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