Deer Park Students and Parents Work in Close Quarters

Drew 2
Drew and Mrs. Handorf deal with the realities of working and going to school in the same building.

by Cassidy Horn, February 2018

Deer Park is a very small community where everyone knows everyone, so when you’re in a school with your family it can be a blessing and a curse. For Drew Handorf, Cody Benjamin, and their parents, this is everyday life. Both Drew and Cody have parents at Deer Park, which can have positives and negatives for everyone involved.

“At first it was a little strange at first having Cody in my class,” Mr. Benjamin said when asked what it was like having his son as a student. “But I think it’s more strange for him than it is for me.”  Cody didn’t seem to see the negatives: “I can’t think of anything.” But then added, “I always have to do my homework, I never get sick days.”

“It is sometimes difficult to find the ‘balance’ between being a parent and a school employee,” Mrs. Handorf said.  But she also added, “I love seeing the great things she does! From extracurricular activities to excelling academically, to being kind, compassionate, and [an] all around great human being.”

Drew and Mrs. Handorf

On the other hand when Drew was asked about what she likes about it she said, “There aren’t many positives about her working here, but I do get pencils and gum.” Drew just moved to Deer Park and she said, “Sometimes I think my mom is mostly here to watch over me and to make sure I don’t get in trouble.” Even though they may disagree sometimes,  Drew conceded, “even though she’s annoying sometimes, I still love her.”

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