Walnut Hills (Part 2)

BY OLIVIA NOLAND AND CARA FINNEY Teenagers at Deer Park are often outspoken about the problems they face as high school students, and the overall challenging experience of high school life in a small community. Given Deer Park student’s feelings toward high school life, we wondered if the struggles Deer Park students face are a direct result of a small high school environment, or if … Continue reading Walnut Hills (Part 2)

Visiting Walnut Hills: An Introduction to Our Trip (Part 1 of 3)

On Thursday, February 7th, we travelled to Ohio’s top rated public high school, Walnut Hills, to expand our high school experience beyond Deer Park. We visited the large campus and interviewed various Walnut students with help from our mentor for the day,  Editor and Chief of the Yearbook, Grace Sublett. Although the school is just down the street from Deer Park, the inner city campus … Continue reading Visiting Walnut Hills: An Introduction to Our Trip (Part 1 of 3)

Teenagers in the Modern World: Battling Stress and Pressure (Part 1 of 3)

By OLIVIA NOLAND, January 2019 Today, teenagers often appear isolated in their own world full of high school shenanigans and social media posts. However, many young adults argue that the high school experience isn’t always as enjoyable as it’s made out to be. Students at Deer Park High School claim that trying to navigate the changes and responsibilities that come with growing up places tremendous … Continue reading Teenagers in the Modern World: Battling Stress and Pressure (Part 1 of 3)

Editorial: Phones? More Like Creepy Invasive Tiny Mobile Machines

BY CODY BENJAMIN DECEMBER, 2018 Ever heard of the Google Pixel 3? It’s one of the newest phones on the market. It’s got great storage, a fantastic screen, and absolutely zero consideration for privacy. Yeah you read that right. There is a commercial for the phone on TV, in which the guy in the commercial shows that this phone doesn’t just have a camera, but … Continue reading Editorial: Phones? More Like Creepy Invasive Tiny Mobile Machines

The Greatest Dispute Of All Time

By CODY BENJAMIN and TORIE ANGEL and HALEIGH GEKLE, November 2018 Our world has seen many historical disputes over time. Two world wars, the French-Indian war, America being “discovered,” Trump building a wall, and the most brutal of them all: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation. Both of these shows were created by the same guys, both are filmed in a mockumentary style, both are … Continue reading The Greatest Dispute Of All Time

Favorite Holiday Movie

By, MIA PRICE, BECCA BISHOP, and MIRANDA ROBERTS, December 2018 Movies are one of many ways that bring family and friends together to watch something special. Holiday movies which are popular mainly during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas but overall which of these Holidays has the best movies? In this article, we’ll be seeing which holiday has the best movie overall. Out of all the holiday … Continue reading Favorite Holiday Movie

Holiday Traditions

  By, KARLI SEEBERGER As the holidays are approaching we all are getting prepared. Shopping for presents, gettingg the ingredients for the big dinner. Everyone has their traditions and routines for the holiday season. Maybe your traditions are simple or maybe they are crazy and complex. Some want to change the traditions, add a few different things to try or you might want it to … Continue reading Holiday Traditions


Joey Newman,  Nov, 16 2018 At Deer Park ASMR has been a hot topic. For people who don’t know, ASMR is autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin. You can go on youtube and look at it. Me personally I do not like ASMR. I think it’s weird and disturbing, but some people like it … Continue reading ASMR